Acti-Flex Powder


    • Safe and effective alternative for joint pain without harmful side effects
    • Natural product
    • Alfalfa-based powder version of the Acti-Flex 4000
    • Same incredible technology to create a powder option

Chondroitin Sulfates are increasingly accepted as the most effective treatment for joint cartilage, connective tissues and blood vessels, maintaining their strength and elasticity while fighting inflammation and pain, all without undesirable side effects.

Helps to prevent much of the cumulative cartilage damage that eventually shortens the animal’s prime performance years.

    • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) plays a critical role in maintaining healthy joint synovial fluid and preventing the deterioration of aging, over worked joints.
    • HA has a high daily turnover so large amounts are needed to maintain proper levels within the joints.
    • HA is also shown to influence cell movement, blood vessel formation, critically involved in healthy wound healing and serves as an antioxidant.


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