Actistatin Veterinary Formula


Joint health supplement for horses.
Actistatin – Veterinarian Formula.

Why Actistatin?

    • Highly palatable as a top dressing for grains or pelleted feeds.
    • Suitable for all stages of equine development.
    • Combines the patented GLC formula with Actistatin to provide your horse with the absolute best in oral joint care.
    • An all-natural supplement that has been clinically proven to increase the absorption of both Glucosamine and Chondroitin to the bloodstream.
    • Clinically proven to increase the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to help lubricate and nourish cartilage tissue.
    • Clinically proven to reduce the overall pain index in equine lameness; improvement in both Range of Motion (ROM) and Flexion scores.
    • Patented formula of NADG, Chlorella, Licorice Extracts and Potassium Citrate work with your horse’s natural digestive processes to improve oral joint supplement delivery.


To provide the BEST joint support through increased glucosamine and chondroitin delivery & absorption. Backed by research and peer-reviewed, published studies, Actistatin Equine is the most potent and fast-acting oral joint supplement available. Actistatin supports healthy joints, tissues & ligaments.


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