Live, mild strain H120 of infectious bronchitis vaccination in oral lyophilized
Each dosage contains the Massachusetts strain Holland type 120 (H120) active infectious bronchitis virus with a titer of 10 3 DIE 50. INDICATIONS\s:
Active lyophilized vaccine used for primary vaccination of commercial pullets and breeding hens and for the prevention of infectious bronchitis in healthy birds in broilers. A Massachusetts strain Holland H120 strain that has been attenuated was chosen for this vaccine on the basis of its proven strong immunogenic ability. grown in SPF eggs.


Commercial pullets and breeding hens with primary vaccinations and broilers.

Administration Process:

Ocular-Nasal, oral, or nebulization will be the methods of administration, with one dose per bird.

Ocular-Nasal: After the lyophilisate has dissolved in the included solvent, give one drop (0.03 mL) of the vaccine.


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