Conquer Gel


Conquer Equine Gel is the Original oral Hyaluronic Acid Joint Supplement for horses in a flavored oral supplement.

Why Conquer Gel?

    • HA is a natural substance that helps maintain normal, healthy joints.
    • The product is veterinarian researched, developed and tested to ensure quality and efficacy.
    • Conquer Equine is suitable for all breeds, sports and uses for horses to support joint health and flexibility.
    • This 60ml tube contains 100mg of Hyaluronic Acid per 10ml.


How do I use Conquer?

    • You must begin by loading the product for approximately 12 days.
    • Give 1 full serving (10cc) per day during this loading period either directly in the mouth.
    • For the gel, this will be for the first two tubes.
    • Then, maintain by giving either serving (5cc) per day or 1 serving every other day.
    • Do not try to spread out to more than every other day.


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