Depo Medrol



For intramuscular and intrasynovial injection in horses and dogs, as well as intramuscular injection in cats, these preparations are indicated. 
DEPO-MEDROL Sterile Aqueous Suspension is available in 20 mg per mL and 40 mg per mL dosages.


Key Advantages:



Musculoskeletal Conditions
As with other adrenal steroids, DEPO-MEDROL Sterile Aqueous Suspension has been found useful in alleviating the pain and lameness associated with acute localized arthritic conditions and generalized arthritic conditions. It has been used successfully to treat rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, periostitis, tendinitis, synovitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, and myositis of horses; traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, and generalized arthritic conditions of dogs. Remission of musculoskeletal conditions may be permanent, or symptoms may recur, depending on the cause and extent of structural degeneration.


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