DL-Methionine 200mg (per tablet) (Manufacturer may vary)


AMMONIL® Urinary Supplement is a dl-methionine supplement for use as a urinary acidifier in cats and dogs.

For: Dogs & Cats


  • A urinary acidifier used to prevent and treat certain types of kidney and bladder stones
  • A prescription is required for this medication
  • Given by mouth

Reasons for prescribing:

  • Used to acidify the urine of dogs and cats
  • May be useful in preventing the return of certain bladder stones

DL-Methionine is used to acidify urine in both dogs and cats. Urinary acidifiers are used when the pH of the urine is too high, causing struvite stone and crystal formation. It may help in dissolving struvite stones with time and preventing stone recurrence. DL-Methionine is available as a flavored tablet in 200 mg or 500 mg strengths and as an oral gel.



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