DMG 100mg/ml 100ml




DMG Injection is a supplement to improve oxygen utilization and reduce lactic acid formation in horses.

COMPOSITION – Contains: Dimethylglycine 100 mg/ml

ACTIONS – Dimethylglycine (DMG) is a naturally occurring nutrient which is described as an ergogenic food factor or anti-stress nutrient.
*  DMG Injection enhances the metabolism to improve endurance in performance horses by reducing lactic acid accumulation in muscles.
*  DMG Injection increases glycogen, creatine phosphate, phospholipid and total lipid content in cardiac and skeletal muscle.
*  DMG Injection increases the body tolerance to hypoxia, increases oxygen uptake by tissues, improves circulation and reduces lactic acid production during exercise.
*  DMG Injection increases stamina and endurance are improved by an increase in oxygen utilization and reduction in lactate accumulation in muscles, resulting in increased endurance through a glycogen sparing effect.


*  DMG Injection acts as a key element in the biological pathway, which maximizes the amount of energy produced per molecule of oxygen consumed.


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