Dragontropin HGH 100iu



Dragontropin HGH a hundred IU, manufactured by using the Dragon Pharma, is a human make bigger hormone (HGH). Doctors used to prescribe HGHs to younger human beings and adults who suffered from lack of natural growth hormone at the same time as moreover the utilization of it to deal with speedy bowl syndrome in adults. It is given to Aids and HIV victims to help them maintain their muscles. Today, HGHs are well-known amongst bodybuilders for muscle and bone growth. It boosts protein manufacturing in the physique by means of way of making use of the fat and developing the insulin levels. It can be injected at as soon as into the muscle or under the skin. We grant 10 x 10 vials/100iu to be discreetly delivered at your doorstep.


Dragontropin gives following blessings on pinnacle of muscle and bone growth, such as:

Repairs Muscle tissues after exercise.

Retains Healthy Tissues in the organs

Builds muscle mass.

Increased Protein Synthesis

Boosts Metabolism.

Burns Fat

Healthy Skin.


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