FARRIER’S Magic PLUS Hoof Supplement


Farrier’s Magic Plus provides nutritional building blocks to support healthy hooves and a shiny coat. Farrier’s Magic Plus is a tasty, alfalfa-based pellet that contains 20 mg of biotin per serving, along with methionine, iodine, zinc, and other key nutrients. Farrier’s Magic Plus is highly palatable, easy to feed!
Farrier’s Magic Plus Hoof Supplement for horses. Plus formula scientifically developed combination of nutrients for strong, healthy hooves in horses of all ages. Helps cracked hooves and weak walls, restores hoof growth and helps hold shoes longer. Also provides healthy skin and coat. Highly palatable, alfalfa-based pellets for easy feeding. Ideal for horses with prior hoof problems, older horses, and horses in poor health that are not easy keepers.Each 6 oz serving contains 20 mg biotin, 6,188 mg methionine, 1,290 mg ascorbic acid, choline, glycine, proline, copper, zinc and more.Dosage: Loading – 6 oz with daily feed; Maintenance – 3 oz daily. 11 lbs = 58-day supply.
Specially blended with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support healthy hooves in horses of all ages. Contains 20 mg biotin, 6188 mg methionine, plus ascorbic acid, zinc, copper choline and more in a highly palatable alfalfa base. Feed 3 oz. daily. Pellets.

The building blocks of healthy hooves

    • 20 mg of biotin per serving plus methionine, iodine, zinc & other nutrients key to hoof health

Active Ingredients

per 1-ounce serving

Per Serving Per Pound
Methionine 6,188 mg 3.634%
Biotin 20 mg 0.012%
Ascorbic Acid 1,290 mg .758%
Choline 487 mg .286%
Inositol 262 mg .154%
Glycine 1,687 mg .991 %
Proline 1,050 mg .617%
Hydroxyproline 750 mg .441%
L-Tyrosine 618 mg .363%
Copper (Cu) 92 mg .054%
Zinc (Zn) 247 mg .145%
Iodine (I) .8 mg .00047%

Inactive Ingredients

Dehydrated alfalfa meal, Yeast culture, lecithin, gelatin, DL-Methionine, ascorbic acid, copper sulfate, zinc oxide, L-Tyrosine, biotin, choline chloride, inositol, ethylenediamine dihydroiodide, bentonite, natural & artificial flavors.

Instructions for Use

Add 6 ounces (four scoops) to feed daily. Reduce to half this amount after desired results are achieved.

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