Follistatin 1mg Single Dose Vial – 4 Pack




Follistatin is a Myostatin Inhibitor.

What are Myostatin inhibitors?
To put it simply, Myostatin inhibitors lower or completely stop the production of myostatin in your body.

What is Myostatin?
Myostatin is a protein encoded by the MTSN gene. It is a growth differention factor and to put it simply, limits the amount of muscle one can build.  It also place limits on how FAST you can build muscle. Without it, we could be gain upwards of 1 or 2 pounds of muscle DAILY.  Belgian Blue cows are known for their massive size and have been breaded so they don’t produce myostatin, therefore they are extremely large.

Are Myostatin Inhibitors safe?
There is not enough data to know for sure how safe myostatin inhibitors are.  However, it is presumed that due to the small lengths of time these products are used for, any side effects are most likely not to last long term, or at least until for a few days after use. However, myostatin inhibitors are known to stop the strengthening of tendons and ligaments.  This will only happen as long as there is no myostatin in the body.  Once you stop taking these peptides, myostatin will be produced again, thereby limiting serious issues.

What can I expect from Myostatin Inhibitors?
You can expect incredible strength gains and muscle gains.

Are there any side effects using Follistatin Injection?

Incredible muscle gains
Temporary weakened Ligaments and tendons
Increased strength and endurance

Dosage for Extreme Benefits:  Add 2ml of sterile water to vial and gently mix until it becomes a solution.  Administer by intramuscular injection.

Day 1: Split one vial injection bilaterally into hind quarters.

Day 3: Split one vial injection bilaterally into hind quarters.

Day 5: Split one vial injection bilaterally into hind quarters.

Day 7: Split one vial injection bilaterally into hind quarters.

The muscle building effects can last for up to 3 months afterwards, slowly diminishing.  It is recommended to give the horse a week off while receiving the series of injections.

Storage:  Store below 3 degrees C (REFRIGERATE), do not freeze and protect from light.  Use within 7 days of mixing.


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