Hyaluronex Syrup


    • Highest hyaluronan concentration of any equine liquid supplement.
    • Contains 240 mg MHB3 hyaluronan syrup per ounce. Recommended for daily maintenance.
    • Hyaluronex is a safe and effective oral liquid  hyaluronan supplement for the support of joint health and mobility in horses. Unlike lesser products, the hyaluronan in Hyaluronex is not derived from an animal source and is not made in China.
    • Hyaluronan plays a vital role in bone’s extracellular matrix. Hyaluronan influences the growth and differentiation of cells in the bone marrow, accelerating new bone formation.
    • Hyaluronan also aids the bone repair process following a fracture including the early inflammatory stage, the repair stage, and the remodeling stage.

Suggested Equine Dosage

    • 1/2 oz (1 pump) twice daily for first 7 days, followed by 1/2 oz (1 pump) daily for maintenance.
    • Increase to 1/2 oz (1 pump) twice daily during periods of increased exercise.


MHB3 Hyaluronan:  120mg



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