Ilium dexapent



ilium Dexapent 50 mL ilium Dexapent 50 mL ilium Dexapent 50
Dexamethasone sodium phosphate, 5 mg/mL, for injection into horses and cattle as an anti-inflammatory and glucogenic steroid.
It comes in a 50mL vial and is ready to inject.
This substance has the potential to cause parturition in mares.
Bobby calves should not be fed milk from treated cows.
For this product, there is currently no data to support an Export Slaughter Interval (ESI). When treating animals that are about to be slaughtered for the export market, keep this in mind.
Note: Various regulatory agencies may have rules that apply to performance horses. When it comes to performance withholds, you should get advice from the appropriate regulator.


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