No Ty-Up Injection 100ml Tridenosen ® and Tripart ®




NO TY-UP INJECTION (Compare to the active ingredients of Nature Vet Tridenosen ® and Tripart ®) is a vasodilator to improve blood flow and minimize “tying-up”, fatigue and muscle damage.

COMPOSITION:  Each ml contains:  Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) 2 mg, Nicotinic acid 20mg, Magnesium aspartate 20mg, Potassium aspartate 20mg, Di-isopropylamine dichloroacetate 50mg, Sodium selenite 500mcg

ACTIONS- NO TY-UP INJECTION is a potent dilator of the small arteries of the muscles of the body and heart. Adenosine, Nicotinic acid and DADA all dilate blood vessels that supply the muscles.  The reduction in vascular resistance produced by these agents lead to an increase in ease of blood flow, oxygen supply and muscle perfusion.  This increased blood flow leads to an increased CO2 and lactic acid removal, reducing fatigue and muscle damage during maximal work periods.  Experimental studies show that the blood supply to the heart muscle is increased by more than 100% by infusion with adenosine compounds  and to skeletal muscle by 92%.
Magnesium and potassium aspartates are used in the treatment of fatigue and exhaustion in humans, and of the sodium/potassium imbalance, which accompanies these fatigue states.
Selenium and potassium aspartates are potent anti-oxidants and help to limit muscle damage or azoturia incurred as a result of strenuous work.  NO TY-UP INJECTION has been shown, in clinical trials, to reduce post-exercise CPK and SGOT levels, indicating that less muscle cell damage has been incurred.
NO TY-UP INJECTION should be used to prevent cramping and “tying up” (Rhabdomyolysis or azoturia).  NO TY-UP INJECTION  can be successfully used to counter fatigue states and as an aid to recovery after hard work.
NO TY-UP INJECTION  is of value in cases of “heart strain” as evidenced by ECG “T” wave changes.


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