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Pain Stopper is an antispasmodic for the intestines. It relieves pain by reducing muscle spasms and irritation in the intestines. It’s used to treat horses with spasmodic colic. If the symptoms of colic persist after therapy, further testing may be recommended. Veterinary surgeons can use it to relax the intestines during rectal examinations, which allows for a more complete examination and lowers the possibility of rectal rips.

This product requires a prescription from your vet & will only be dispatched once we receive this prescription.

Legal Category- POM-V

Warnings & Contraindications- Do not administer to horses who are hypersensitive to hyoscine butylbromide or less than 6 weeks old.

Pregnancy & Lactation- Do not use in pregnant mares. Seek advice from your vet for use during lactation.

For further product information please click on the link below. This will take you to the Veterinary medicines directorate (VMD) website where you can search for the product and see the most up to date Summary of product characteristics (SPC).


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