The Missing Link Well Blend + Joint Supplement for Horses


The Missing Link Well Blend+Joint for Horses targets the nutritional gap between what nature provides and what is available in commercial foods. The proprietary, patented cold-processing method ensures the freshest delivery of precious Omega 3 fatty acids. More than a supplement, Missing Link Ultimate Equine Hip & Joint is an innovative approach to health that will change the way you care for your horse.The Missing Link Well Blend+Joint for Horses combines the benefits of glucosamine for joint support, naturally occurring Omega essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, and phytonutrients for overall health and well being. Formulated with nutrients to support healthy joints, grow strong hooves, promote a healthy digestive system, and support general health.

    • Glucosamine HCL supports healthy joints and protects joint cartilage
    • Balanced omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids support cardiovascular and intercellular health, as well as nutrient absorption
    • Dietary fiber promotes a healthy digestive system, while phyto (plant) nutrients support general health and nutrition
    • Contains no fillers, preservatives, added sugars, or artificial colors or flavors
    • Glucosamine to support healthy joints and flexibility.
    • Omega fatty acids help the absorption of fat soluble vitamins which nutritionally support: intercellular health, energy levels, the immune system, and muscle, tendon and ligament function.
    • Nutrients work together to grow strong, tough hooves.
    • Dietary fiber to promote a healthy digestive system
    • Phyto (plant) nutrients to support general health and nutrition.

Veterinarian-formulated for nose-to-tail health, you’ll find that equine supplements from The Missing Link® are Common Sense Nutrition Validated By Modern Science.®

Available In

    • 5 lb. Bag (60-day supply)
    • 10 lb. Bag (120-day supply)
The Missing Link Well Blend+Joint for Horses helps support a balanced diet for your horse by targeting the nutritional gap between commercial feeds and what nature intended – now with more joint support. The fresh-ground flaxseed base is rich in balanced Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that are essential for everyday health, the heart and cardiovascular systems, and healthy joints. Plus our proprietary, patented cold processing ensures maximum nutrient retention while our packaging keeps it fresh without preservatives – all of this makes The Missing The Original Equine Superfood Supplement.


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